New York City areal view.

The city was a Dutch colony in 17th century under Dutch West Indian company.The region was developed by Dutch to boost the regional FUR trade. To achieve this a fort was constructed called the fort Amsterdam.Soon settlement developed around the port and was called New was under Dutch control from 1609 to 1664.

In the year 1664 English forces took over the region and the king of England Prince Charles II granted this region to his brother the Duke of York and Named it New York.

Today after four century new York had blossomed into populus city having very diverse population.Infact new York is the most diverse cultural city in the world.Around 800 different language’s are spoken in New York and 40 percent of it’s population is born outside USA.

It is also the economic engine of the world as it’s home to highest no billionaires with an average GMP(Gross metropolitant product) of 2.0 trillion dollars.That means if New York was a country it would have been the 8th richest country in the world.