why the name??

Why it’s called iceland

Green pasture of iceland

When one hears the name iceland he might think that Ice land is a country which always remains frozen through out the year,but that’s not the case. It’s avg temperature varries between 25 degree centigrade in summer to -20 degree centigrade in winter’s that too in it’s northern regions.

Then why it’s called Iceland?

There’s a catch that is not yet properly established. As per locals the name ice land was given in resemblance to the name Greenland  to divert pirates to Greenland. But in actuall ice land have a substantial pasture land where as green land remain frozen throughout the year.

And as per historians ice land was first inhabited by Norwegian explorer Arnarson and he first saw the fjord of vatnsfjorour which was filled with Ice so he called the whole area as ice land.

Facts about ice land.

1)When counted in per capity basis ice land is the largest electric city producer in the world.

2)Due to abundance hydro and geothermal energy Ice land is the only country in the world where 95% of the total energy requirement is ful-filled from renewable energy sources.

3)It’s the only country in the world where there is no mosquitoes and no snakes in Ice land.

4)Ice land is also one of few countries in the world which do not have a standing army.

All in all ice land is a beautiful country to visit to experience the Earth’s natural beauty like Fjords,Northern lights,Basalt beaches,Hot springs etc.

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