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Bleeding eyes during periods

A woman in Chandigarh, India went to the emergency room at a hospital when she experienced bloody tears coming out of her eyes. The woman aged 25 years reported no pain or discomfort due to this. Various ophthalmological and radiological tests were done and all reports were normal. […]

Army Day 2021

Every year 15th of January ia celebrated as Army Day in India. On 15 January 2021 we are celebrating our 73rd Army Day to commemorate our soldiers. Why Army Day is Celebrated History of Army Day dates back to 15th January 1949 when Field Marshal Kodandera M. Cariappa […]

Why World Hindi Diwas is celebrated

Since our childhood we have been celebrating Rashtriya Hindi Diwas on 14th of September every year but now a days we celebrate Vishwa Hindi Diwas also on 10th of January. Let us know the difference between National Hindi Day and World Hindi Day as Why Hindi Diwas is […]