Why it’s called pizza?

In the year 63 BC Romans occcupied Jerusalem & placed Large no of Roman troops to maintain peace in that region. Roman troops during there stay in Jerusalem got fond of Jewish food and the most popular among all Jewish delicacy was Matzoth.It was flat bread slowly roasted […]

Why it’s called Hot Dog?

The HOTDOG is originally a German sausage dish made of beef or pork. In Germany it’s popularly called frankfurters as the dish finds its origin in the Frankfurt region of Germany. In late 1800 many Germans immigrated to United States and with them they brought many German dish […]

Why it’s called Amsterdam??

In Medival era the grographical region that represents the city was once a swampy land near a river bank of Northern holland.The whole region was inhabited by sea fearing people as the land invert level was lower than the sea. In 11th century a powerful Dutch family Van […]

Why its called Rome?

The city of Rome is considered to be one of the most beautiful and religious city in the world having a history that stretches from B.C to A.D. It was the capital and power center of world most powerful and longest running empire that is the Roman Empire. […]

Why it’s called iceland

When one hears the name iceland he might think that Ice land is a country which always remains frozen through out the year,but that’s not the case. It’s avg temperature varries between 25 degree centigrade in summer to -20 degree centigrade in winter’s that too in it’s northern […]

Why it’s called new york.???

The city was a Dutch colony in 17th century under Dutch West Indian company.The region was developed by Dutch to boost the regional FUR trade. To achieve this a fort was constructed called the fort Amsterdam.Soon settlement developed around the port and was called New Amsterdam.it was under […]