Woman in Chandigarh reported bloody tears coming from eyes

A woman in Chandigarh, India went to the emergency room at a hospital when she experienced bloody tears coming out of her eyes. The woman aged 25 years reported no pain or discomfort due to this. Various ophthalmological and radiological tests were done and all reports were normal. She said that she experienced same bloody tears last month as well. Later it was found that both times she was bleeding tears from her eyes during her periods. The doctors concluded that she is suffering from a rare condition called ocular vicarious menstruation.

Ocular Vicarious Menstruation

Ocular Vicarious Menstruation or cyclical bleeding occuring during menstruation from extra genital organs is a rare condition and in this the bleeding can occur from nose, lips, eyes, lungs, stomach. Bleeding from nose is most common in this rare disease.

This case was mentioned in the British Medical Journal and the study authors said that the hormonal changes during menstruation affect vascular permeability of these organs which may sometimes result im bleeding. Although the exact anatomical reason for this kind of bleeding is unknown, experts believe that the presence of endometrial tissue or endometriosis in extra genital organs can be a factor for vicarious menstruation.


The woman has been given oral contraceptive medicines containing a combination of estrogen and progesterone for the treatment. After the three month follow up she has reported that she has not experience bloody tears since then.

Other reasons for bloody tears

Bloody tears or hemoclaria can occur due to a disease, tumour or injury and is a very rare condition. However in this woman’s case it was due to menstruation.