Android app icon of Amazon change within a month

Its been hardly one month that E-commerce company Amazon has changed its app icon from shopping cart to one looking like its shipping box but now it has changed so. Although the company is not admitting but the reason behind this is “Adolf Hitler“.

The new icon that is a combination of Amazon’s smile logo and a blue adhesive tape strip on brown background is to nod to Amazon’s shipping boxes.

Adolf Hitler connection

The blue adhesive resembles Hitler’s moustache say Netizens

It has been reported that many people think that the adhesive tape strip resemble too much with the moustache of Adolf Hitler. So the new logo has been redesigned with the blue adhesive tape strip that now looks nothing like moustache.

Although this might seem a very small incident but it shows the level of growing intolerance and trolling over social media. Everyday every hour someone somewhere gets offended by something and a new boycott trend starts. Hope this online hatred stops soon and people become more logical.