In the year 1756 Ahmed Shah Abdali invaded India again for the fifth time.The Afghans decimated the already weak Mughal forces and started looting Delhi and surrounding North Indian provinces. The process carried on for several months & finally in 1757 the Afghans started marching back with huge Indian wealth,young men and women as slaves. Even the Mughal king’s daughter was taken as slave.

Word about the afghans sexual harassment of women and their loot spread like wild fire but no one had the courage to face the Afghans. Finally a battle hardened group of Nihang Sikhs of the Shaheedan Misl under their leader Baba Deep Singh got this news. Seventy five years old Baba Deep Singhji had retired himself from active war fare but was actively leading the group as its leader by imparting Martial arts training and making war strategy for the group. He immediately ordered his men to attack the returning Afghans.

The Sikh group successfully attacked and freed a large no of women and children. They were also able to siege huge wealth that was looted by Afghans.

Upon hearing this Ahmed Shah got furious. He decided to teach the whole Sikh community a lesson & ordered his son Timur Shah Durrani  to masscare the Sikhs in Amritsar, fill the holy pond with cow carcass and to demolish the Golden Gurdwara. He left a force of ten thousand men and an experienced general named Jahan khan to complete this task. Afghans started carrying out their masters order and thousands of Sikhs were put to death and holy pond was filled with blood and dead bodies of animals and Sikh men.

That very night Baba Deep Singh saw a bad dream that Golden temple is being demolished and he is responsible for that. In morning news reached him about the ongoing Afghan atrocities in Amritsar. He felt guilty that he could not save the holy shrine & decided to come out of his self restricted retirement and use  his 15 kg khanda after years. The 75 years old man began his March towards Amritsar with 500 hundred Sikhs as the group passed through villages they were joined by numerous selfless volunteers with sickles and axes in hand. When they reached Amritsar its strength had swollen above 5000 but mostly Sikh villagers with sickles and axes.

All of them had vowed to free the holy shrine and Baba himself vowed not to die till he reaches the shrine.

The battle began from the periphery of Amritsar. At one side was a battle hardened well trained Afghan army that had brought many strong rivals to there knees while at the other side was an army of sikhs mostly semi trained civilians led by a 75 year old man.

As the Sikh group pushed through the city Afghan resistance became more strong. It was looking like the Afghans will overshadow the sikhs. But with heavy casualties Sikh group managed to come within the viewing distance from holy shrine. The view of the demolished Harmandir Saheb(the golden shrine) charged up the sikhs. At that very moment two Afghan commanders delivered a deadly blow to Baba Deep Singhji’s neck area and he fell on the ground with his head slightly joined to his neck.

The remaining Sikh warriors realised the gravity of the situation as they knew that without Baba they will lose this battle. They reminded a mortally wounded BABA of his vow. Miraculously Baba Deep Singhji upon hearing this stood up and used his left hand to support his almost decapitated head and right hand to balance his 15 kg khanda(Double edged sword) and charged through the strong Afghan forces cutting them into pieces as if a farmer was cutting in a paddy field. This type of  heavenly  unimaginable  valour displayed by BABA DEEP SINGHJI boosted the moral of the remaining sikhs and they started fighting like immortals. Many severly wounded sikhs got up and started fighting.

Upon seeing this prince Timur shah Durrani decided to lead himself and brought in Afghan Royal guard who stood in formation guarding the way to the holy shrine.

Baba Deep Singh pierced through the formation of afghan Royal guards and gave a deadly blow to Timur shah. Timur shah was mortally wounded and was whisked away by his personal guards.

Finally Baba Deep Singhji reached the periphery of the sacred pond and took his last breath. In the ensuing battle Sikhs emerged victorious and the holy shrine was freed from Afghans.

Today after three centuries not only Sikhs but people from different communities from around the world come to the Golden Temple and pay homage to the spot where Baba Deep Singhji laid his head. His 15 kg khanda is still preserved at AKAL TAKHAT as a symbol of Sikh bravery.