In today’s world nobody remembers anyone else’s good deeds towards them. We humans have become so ungrateful that after a little time we forget the ones who have helped us. But would you believe if I say that animals are more grateful than us. They not only remember the person who helped them but also pay tribute to them. Yes, this is true and you will also believe it when you will come to know about Lawrence Anthony.

Who is Lawrence Anthony

Born in South Africa (born on 17 September 1950) Lawrence Anthony was a conservationist and environmentalist. He was the founder of the Thula Thula game reserve in Zululand and was well-known for his work in wildlife rehabilitation and conservation.

Anthony was a vocal advocate for wildlife conservation and often spoke out against poaching and other threats to endangered species. He also founded the Earth Organization, a non-profit environmental group that focused on conservation and education.

Anthony’s experiences with the elephants formed the basis of his book “The Elephant Whisperer,” which became a best-seller and brought attention to the plight of elephants in Africa. Due to his special connection with elephants he was known as the “Elephant Whisperer”. How he rescued and rehabilitated the herd of traumatized elephants at his Thula Thula game reserve in Zululand, South Africa is still and inspiration and great example.

Relation with Elephants

It all started in 1999 when Anthony was asked to take in a herd of wild elephants that had been deemed too dangerous and were going to be culled. Instead of accepting their fate, Anthony took in the elephants and began to work with them using his unique approach of understanding their behaviour and communicating with them.

Over time, Anthony not only gained the trust of the elephants but also established a deep bond with them. He spent hours observing their behaviour and learning how to communicate with them through body language and vocalizations.


In March 2012 when Lawrence Anthony died people observed something very strange. A group of wild elephants travelled to his home in Thula Thula reserve.  This was remarkable because it had been more than 1 year that the elephants have been to his house. They arrived at his house shortly after his death and stayed there for two days, without any food or water. They stood outside his home in a silent vigil, as if mourning his passing.

This incident left everyone awestruck. It highlighted how these animals have intelligence and emotional depth and their ability to show compassion and empathy towards humans.

The elephants’ visit was seen as a fitting tribute to Lawrence Anthony, who devoted his life to the protection and conservation of wildlife, particularly elephants. His legacy continues to inspire many people around the world to work towards protecting these magnificent animals and their habitats.

This incident proves how wrong we are when we use the term “animal” in negative sense to show someone cruel or uncompassionate. The respect and compassion shown by animals in this case has left us speechless.