Sage Narad Muni and Daksh Prajapati

Since childhood we have been listening to stories about how Shri Narad Muni went from one person to another passing information hence changing(enabling) certain events. Have it ever came to your mind that where the extremely knowledgable sage lived. In almost every divine story it was Narad Muni who went from Brahmlok to Baikunthlok to Swarglok to Kailash and so forth. But nobody ever spoke about where the great sage lived. The reason being he never had a permanent home and that also is due to the curse by his own brother Prajapati Daksh.

Who is Narad Muni?

Before knowing about the curse first we would know a little about the great sage Shri Narad Muni. Narad Muni is divine sage who had been born from pristine thought of Lord Brahma, the God of creation. He is also referred to as Rishiraj, the king of all sages. He is a staunch devotee of Lord Vishnu. Narad Muni is gifted with great knowledge of past, present and future.

He is mentioned in a lot of ancient texts like Mahabharat, Ramayan and Puranas. He is believed to have recited about Bhagwan Sri Ram Chandra to sage Valmiki who lated on wrote Ramayana.

Daksh’s Curse

When Lord Brahma gave Daksh the duty to take care of the world he asked him to create living beings. He this created numerous living beings but none of them was procreating. So he decided to create living beings by coition of male and female. He himself had five thousand sons with his wife Asikni known as Haryasvas.

As per the system they were required to populate the world by having sexual intercourse but sage Narad diverted them in other direction. He told them that they were mere children with little knowledge only. They have the capability to go up, down and sideways so they should utilise this. They should go and find the beginning and end of the universe and gain knowledge. So all sons of Daksh went on that endless journey.

Daksh again begot thousand sons this time with Panchjani who were called Sabalasvas. Like his earliers they sons they were also asked by Narad Muni to gain knowledge. So in search of knowledge they also went in all direction and never returned.

This enraged Daksh so much that he cursed his own brother. Just like his sons were wandering the universe he curse Narad Muni to endlessly wander all the realms. Since then sage Narad did not have any home and is wandering from one realm(lok) to another passing knowledge and information.

Reason behind Sage Narad’s act

Sage Narad being so knowledgable and enlightened would not send Daksh’s children and endless journey just like that. There was a reason behind that. When Daksh was bestowed power of creation he created only males. He did not understood the importance of females and nale female union. Sage Narad wanted to make him wise and understand that new life on earth can only be possible through females.

After this Daksh begot sixty daughters and got them married to different dieties and sages. Procreation on earth started naturally only through them.