Every one in this world wants to earn a good monthly income the modes may be different that is some would go for job and some for business but in the end both provide service to others as a employee or as an owner.Many persons work in good corporate jobs with high paying salary.But for getting that job they spend years studying hard and getting degrees and certification from top universities of the world .

Believe it or not.

There are few jobs in the world which are not preferred by most people as the jobs are low in self respect and does not demand any educational qualification. But the job is high in salary.

Such a job is available in Australia i.e a job of sweeper in sydney will fetch one 150000 or one lakh fifty thousand australian dollar .Equivalent to 80 lakh in indian currency.

Yes,Absolute Domestics is the company from Australia that is offering this.It requires no experience no qualification nothing just you need to know how to sweep.