What is victory day in Russia & why its celebrated on 9th may?

9th of may every year since 1945 is celebrated as victory day in Russia to mark their glorious victory over Nazi Germany. The war in Europe was literally over by 30th April 1945 with the suicide of Adolf Hitler the German dictator & Nazi capital berlin surrendered to soviet union on 2nd may1945 but the German Instrument of surrender was signed on late evening of 8th may 1945.The following day on 9th may 1945 a huge celebration was held in soviet russia to commemorate the russian victory over Nazi Germany.After few years it was declared as a national holiday in memory of its great victory.

Parade at Red Square

Celebrated gloriously

In world war ii all in total 22.7 millions(2.27 crore) Russians perished to achieve a decisive victory over Nazi Germany. It was the highest casualty that any nation suffered during world war ii. In-fact during world war ii period or in present day world no nation except Russia have the mentals to give such a staggering sacrifice of its human population for a national cause. In mid world war ii during 1941 whole world thought that time was ticking against Russia & it will fall within a few months to Nazi control. The Nazi onslaught on soviet Russia started on 22nd june1941 & by October 1941 Nazi troops were knocking on the doors of Moscow. By mid October 1941 Germans were so close to Moscow that even Stalin the soviet the soviet General secretary was able to see Nazi troops with his personal military binoculars. Imagine a country in this stage that is continuously loosing battels after battels to enemy who is now standing on its door and are highly advance in modern day warfare having advance tanks, aircraft & guns.

Russian katyusha barrage raining on Nazi forces

Still Russians did the unthinkable they turned the Tide of world war ii & forced western powers like USA to drop atom bomb in Japan a already dead opponent only to shadow its failure against Nazi Germany. From the outskirts of Moscow Russians pushed the Nazi troops approx. 1900 kms to their own capital city of berlin & gave them a final blow in the war of Berlin to mark the rise of a new power in the world that is the Soviet Russia(Soviet Union).

How its celebrated.

9th of May in Russia is a non working holiday & celebrated through out Russia in all provinces with fire crackers, songs & decorations. But in Moscow its a huge celebration the whole city is decorated & every year a massive military Parade is organized by the Russian army in red square of Moscow to show its strength to whole world.

How it will be celebrated this year 2022.

This year on the back drop of Russia-Ukrain war Russia had planned a huge show of strength through this military parade, constituting a show of new advance weaponry that will be warning signal for its enemies. All countries in the world believe that Russian President Vladimir Putin is planning some thing big for Ukraine & that shall be announced on 9th may the victory day.

Vladimir Putin