Today’s age is the age of internet & the most important thing that it has changed is the availability of all information.Gone were the days when a student had to rome from libraries to libraries to get an answer to the different queries which constantly keep erupting from an enthusiast student.

Is socratic by google free???

Yes,Socratic by google is completely free to download through google play store. Once you download it then you have to sign-in to it by using your gmail & after the login is complete.Its also free to use the only thing socratic by google requires is an active seem less internet connection

Socratic by google login page view.

Once you are logged in you just need to write down the questions or speak out the questions & the APP will automatically search through out internet & show results in form of notes with links to the original website or through youtube explanatory videos.

Just get a snap of your notes and adjust the frame to the doubtful question and the press go to see result.
Just speak the question and the APP will automatically show results.

Google socratic app link given below.

Is Socratic by google for PC available ?? The answer is yes & the link is given below.