India is now reeling under sever heat wave that is prevailing thought India. Except some south states all others are severely affected by the heat wave.

Yesterday on 29th April 2022 Uttar Pradesh BANDA district became the hottest place in India with a record temprature of 47.4°C for the month of April.Infact the whole of UP state was under severe heat wave.LUCKNOW 45.1°C,PRAYAGRAJ 46.8°C, VARANASI 45°C etc. Below is a chart of all highest temperature in India.

metrological department of india has also predicted that this heat wave shall continue till 2nd of may 2022 & may extend further

Infrared satelite Image dt-29/04/2022

The above shown satelite image clearly shows that there is no sign of cloud through out India except some above Karnataka & kerala.So the prediction by IMD is 100% accurate that the intense heat wave is there to stay for more days as there is no sign of rainfall.