National language or not

We all have seen how two movie actors have started an online debate over hindi being our national language. But do you know whether it is true or not? Whether hindi or any other language is the national language of India or not. So before jumping into the battle of national language for proving your patriotism lts just check our facts.

What started the debate ?

Recently at an even, Kannada superstar Kiccha Sudeep, while speaking about the success of movies like RRR abd KGF Chapter 2, said, “You said that a pan India film was made in Kannada. I’d like to make a small correction. Hindi is no more a national language. They (Bollywood) are doing pan-India films today. They are struggling (to find success) by dubbing in Telugu and Tamil, but it’s not happening“.

Ajay Devgan took offence to Sudeep’s statement and tweeted in hindi and tagged Sudeep in the same questioning him why South Indian movies are being dubbed in Hindi.

Which language is out National language ?

You will be surprised to know that whole this twitter spat is baseless as Hindi is not our national language. In fact there is no language as National language of India. As per the Constitution of India, there is no National Language of India. After independence, the Constitution makers had a problem of selecting a national language which can unite a country because there were more than 1,600 languages spoken in different parts of the country.

Hindi is in fact our Official language or Rajbhasha. Hindi became the official language of the Union of India in 1950. The Constitution of India provides for the use of Hindi in the Devanagari script as the official language of the Union. According to Article 343, “The official language of the Union shall be Hindi in the Devanagari script.

How ever Sudeep clarified his intentions by replying to Ajay Devgan’s tweet clarifying that he loves and respects every language and Ajay has taken it in a very different context.

Later on he also gave a befitting reply to Ajay questioning him that if he would be able to understand if Sudeep had tweeted in Kannada mentioned specifically that “we too belong to India sir”.

Its up to you whether you take this stint as an act out of love for Hindi or to whitewash image for being criticized over doing certain advertisements.