According to israeli statistics for producing every 1 lt of milk water required is 1000 lts in which they take into account the water used for animal washing,drinking,cow shed cleaning etc means what ever quantity of water is used in the whole life cycle of a cow.In addition to this breeding,growing & feeding cows require a considerable size of land both for animals and feed growing.

So,Israel a small and water deficient country had always looked for new ways of farming be it agricultural or animal rearing they always do things out of the box.This had enabled them to become leaders in advance farming technology like drip irrigation,modern green house,recirculating aquaculture system for shrimp and fish farming,etc. Now they are targeting the dairy sector.

In recent years non dairy milk like almond milk,soya milk,etc had gained a lot of popularity.But they are way different from real cow milk as they smell & taste completely different because they are different in flavour,texture & nutritional values.

Remilk a company located at Science Park, 2 Holzman St., Tower B, 3rd Floor, Rehovot, Israel, has developed a scientific way to produce real milk through lab fermentation method & is using the method to mass produce milk.The milk produce at Remilk unit is similar to real milk in all aspects as the protein it contain has the same characteristics,nutritional value,flavour,texture,ability to melt,stretch & blend as that of animal milk protein.

They have decoded the genetic properties of cow milk to identify the genes responsible for the production of the protein that makes traditional cow milk.After identification Remilk replicates the gene and insert it inside yeasts. Yes yeasts the same one that is being used in breads and other kitchen products since a long time.When the insert the specific milk producing genes inside yeasts it acts like a manual instructor and it starts producing animal protein in a more refined,controlled and highly efficient method.Remilk then place these yeasts in large fermentors where it rapidly produces the cow milk identical protein.After this the protein is collected,then purified and finally dried to be used in their products.

Basically what is to be understood is that Remilk uses the same natural method which is used by cows to produce milk through their mammary glands only thing is its done without animals in a scientific manner.