Marketed as Blue ray Protection Glasses Lenskart,titan eye several major eyewear brands are now focusing on blue ray glasses but are they truly effective.

Do you know what Blu Ray glasses are????

These are a type of spectacle that are used to stop blue rays coming from screens of computer,mobiles and TV. Nowadays it is quite hyped spectacle glass type available in the market and is sold at quite a premium pricing over the normal glasses.It is being used by a millions of people throughout the world. People think by using this they stop the blue rays coming from TV,mobiles and computer screen and protect there eyes.

Do blue ray glasses work???

Actually this is a true fact that it stops all the blue lights emitted from the screen of mobiles and tv,computer etc.These products are cleverly advertised and hyped by various lens and glasses branded companies to create a new product line in their existing line up.spectacle glass companies advertise these products as pro eye health products that protect eyes from harmful blue rays of TV,laptop,mobile etc screens and preserve your eyes and even stops eye drying.

In reality the blue rays coming out of the TV screen computer screen and mobile screen are minimal in comparison to the blue rays coming from the sunlight. They will cause little or no harm in comparison to the sun light that contains far higher blue light.

What are the benefits of blue ray glasses?

The true fact is that among all the visible light colours blue light affects the most on our body sleep-wake cycle.It has a psychological effect on our brain that makes us believe that its always day.So watching tv,mobile reading,doing work over computer , etc at night time will disturb our sleep cycle as our brain will be deceived by the blue light that its day hours. So the one of the benifit of blue ray glasses is that wearing it in night hours while working on computers and watching tv will help you to have sound sleep. In case of mobile its better you to switch to reading mode in night hours.