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Top 5 Countries having most deadly and high range neuclear missiles.

5) France – The M51 missile of France is one of the few long range missile in the world with a range of 10000 km.

4)BritainUGM133 Trident missile of Britain is an effective British missile which is launched from submarine and have a range of 12000 km.

3)USA – The MinuteMan is the most feared American missile with 3 penetration aid and having a range of 13000 km.

2)China – It possess the second most deadly neuclear missile in this world i.e is DF41. It has capability to carry 6 penetration aid and have a range of 14000 km.

1)Russia– With a range of 16000km Russians have the true beast of all missiles in this world the R36M.It is the only missile in the world which can breach any missile defence system in this world as it can carry a staggering 40 penetration aids at a time.

Where does India stand??


India had developed Agni series of long range missiles amongst it Agni 5 has a range of 8000 km.

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