Great Wars & Battles

Real history of the region called today as Israel and Palestine.

Map of Israel and Palestine.

Today the whole world is observing the conflict between Israel and Palestine and everyone is having an opinion and supportive their respective sides. But before we support the mighty Israel or Islamic Palestine we need to know a little history.

The Simple History

As you can see in the map above the majority of the land area is occupied by Israel and a small areal is under Palestine. But during the start of 20th century picture was completely different. In 1946 about 95 % of the said area was under the Arabs or Palestine.

But after the UNs plan of 1947 about 25 percent of the area was granted to Israel. This was not at all accepted by adjoining  Islamic countries. They considered it as an insult  and started making plans to occupy jewish Israel.

By 1967 war erupted between Arabs and Israel that lasted for 6 days only and Israel inflicted a decisive blow to the Arab coalition. In this war Israel greatly increased its land area and occupied around 70% of the disputed area. From 1970 the area is constantly under conflict and Israel which had become highly technologically advance has an upper hand in the area. Israel is constantly increasing area under its control and at present it controls around 85% of the disputed land mass.

The complicated history

Jews in Israel were long persecuted and were driven out first by the Romans in 1 st century AD then by the Christians in 4th century AD and finally by Muslims starting from 6th century AD. It was the Romans who first named the region as Syria palestina. After the rise of Islam in 6 th century the area remained under constant conflict majorly between the Christians and the Muslims as by then maximum number of jews had already fled the area to other nations.

In 10th century AD crusade or jihad or holy war broke out between Muslims and Christians. In thit Christians emerged victorious and occupied the whole area. Again in 11th century a second jihad or second crusade broke out between both the religion. But this time Muslims were led by the dynamic Islamic king Saladin who defeated the christians and occupied the whole region. The region stayed under Muslim control till 1917.

During the first world war British took over the region and after the war it started advocating for a Jewish home land in Jerusalem. The British efforts were driven by strong lobby from influential Jews banking family called the Rothschlid family. The Family literally controlled almost all the banks in the world and dictated European and American govt to carve a piece of land from a Muslim dominated region to form the country of Israel for Jewish settlement. And this is how a piece of land was snatched away and Israel was formed.

History says wrong was done with both at some point of time so no one could be clear right or clear wrong. In real world there are no exact blacks and whites there are greys only. But one thing is certain that there are no winners in wars. Only the ones who have the capacity to bear and overcome their loss are perceived as winners.

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