why the name??

Why it’s called Hot Dog?

Hot Dog

The HOTDOG is originally a German sausage dish made of beef or pork. In Germany it’s popularly called frankfurters as the dish finds its origin in the Frankfurt region of Germany.

In late 1800 many Germans immigrated to United States and with them they brought many German dish one of them was Frankfurter which was basically a spherical long pork or beef sausages. Besides food many pets that were not found in United States also came with German settlers. Most common among them was a dog breed called Daschsand.It became a very popular breed in USA.

Dachshund breed

Few years laters many Germans started selling this food item in the streets of major American cities. They served it with an addition that was the bread as bread was staple food in United States and the sausages were fried hot in front of customers.

Soon it became very popular American street food mainly the beef and pork variants. Due to its long circular shape and German origin people started linking it to Dachshand dog breed and as it was sold hot it came to be known popularly as Hot Dog

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