In Medival era the grographical region that represents the city was once a swampy land near a river bank of Northern holland.The whole region was inhabited by sea fearing people as the land invert level was lower than the sea.

In 11th century a powerful Dutch family Van Amstel family took over the area and started developing the region as it was a natural harbor. First the family named the river as Amstel River.

During the process large land reclamation work started and for that a Dam was built by the Amstel family.Immediatly human settlement started near by Dam area mainly focusing on production and trading not farming. In that period it was a quiet different as farming was a major occupation.As the city grew it was recognized through out Netherland as the region near Amstel-Dam and was later called Amsterdam.

Few Facts on Amsterdam

1)It has a beautiful canal network within the city and Amsterdam is famously called the Venice of north.

2) Established in 1602 by Dutch East India Company the Amsterdam Stock Exchange is the world’s first Official Stock Exchange for dealing in printed stock & Securities.