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Dead body of Ravan waiting for someone to bring him back ??

Anyone who knows a bit about Hinduism is aware of Great Hindu Epic Ramayan with Shri Ram as the greatest hero and Ravan as the greatest villain. The war between Shri Ram and Ravan ends when Lord Ram kills Ravan with his arrow. But what happened after Ravan died. In many versions of Ramayan including Valmiki’s Ramayan it is mentioned that his dead body was cremated as per the rituals but many people believe otherwise.

Who is Ravan ?

As per one of the most revered hindu scriptures Ramayan Ravan is a very powerful demon king of Lanka. He abducted Devi Sita forcefully and as a result got killed by Lord Ram. Ravan was highly learned and staunch devotee of Lord Shiva but he was also personification of evil. His sins were to the extant that God Vishnu himself had yo take birth to kill him. Can you ever imagine Ravan to be back to life. Even the thought is enough to scare all the mankind.

What happened after Ravan died ?

After Lord Ram won the battle and Ravan was killed everyone was busy in celebrating their victory abandoning his dead body as it is. Then Shri Ram instructed Vibhishan( brother of Ravan) to perform his last rights but he was in a hurry to take control of the throne so he left Ravan’s dead body as it is. Later when he returned there he could not find his dead body. Ravan was a good friend of the Naga king and it is believed that the Naga people took his dead body with them. The people of Nagkul believed that the death of Ravan was temporary and he could be revived. They made numerous efforts to bring him back to life but failed everytime. Finally they preserved his body by applying various chemicals so that it could be revived sometime in future.

Where is Ravan’s body ?

The question here arises that if the body of Ravan is preserved then where it is now. In the dense jungles of Ragla, Sri Lanka a cave was discovered by Sri Lanka’s’ International Ramayan Research Center and the Ministry of Tourism. In this cave exists a thousands of years old mummified body guarded by fierce snakes. This mummy which is believed to be of Ravan has a special type of coating which preserved it for thousands of years and is closed in a 18 feet long casket. It is also believed that treasure of Ravan is also suppressed underneath.

It solely depends on an individual to believe whether last rights of Ravan were performed or his body was preservd. But the slightest possibility of his body being preserved for the purpose of revival is enough to send chills imagining what will happen if he ever comes back to life.

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