Calving of ice berg larger than New York city

British Antarctic Survey (BAS) has tweeted on 26th February how an iceberg with size 1270 sq kms has broken off the Brunt ice shelf. See the video here:





url=https%3A%2F%2Fd-17006226442760296264.amp In this tweet BAS has shared a short video showing a huge crack and process of calving.

The size of this iceberg is larger than New York city. It broke off from the Brunt ice shelf near Britain’s Helley research station which was luckily empty at that time. The reason for this as cited by BAS is the process of calving.

In the process of Ice calving or iceberg calving ice blocks break away from an ice shelf or the edge of a glacier. In simple language it is a sudden breaking away and release of a mass of ice.

Currently BAS is monitoring the impact of calving which is not easy to predict. Experts believe that calving of this magnitude may lead to breaking more ice bergs off the ice shelf.