The famous pic from Stalingrad statue showing children dancing around a crocodile in the initial days of heavy German bombing.
German troops in action in August 1942 when they believed that they will decimate red army easily.
The famous Stalingrad tractor factory which was one of the few targets of German’s and was captured in initial days as it was producing tanks in large nos.
German troops capturing civilians.
Nazi troops in action.

German commanding officer paulus.At the beginning of the stalingrad campaign Germans were in the belief that the they will win the battle easily.

Soviet troops in action.During the starting days of conflict Soviets only wanted to hold on nothing more.
Soviet troops guarding a building.As the Soviet resistance got strength severe house to house battle ensued.
Civilians of Stalingrad digging small trenches to halt German tanks.
Arial reconnaissance of stalingrad.
Stalin’s pipe organ Katyusha’s in action during operation uranus.It had a strong phycological impact upon German troops as they feared it the most.Its launching sound was enough to make german troops shiver in fear.
After the success of operation Uranus Soviets started believing that they could now win this war and mounted strong offensive upon Germans.
Now Soviets have to clear Germans house to house.
Finally on 2nd Feb 1943 Germans surrendered.Germans were so exhausted that they even didn’t have strength to burry dead bodies.
Even the Soviets were astonished to see such a large no of German troops that they have captured.
Finally the city was liberated on 2nd Feb 1943.