Konark Sun temple Odisha

The great masterpiece of engineering, Sun temple of Konark, was built by King Narsimhadeva-I in in 13th century CE(year 1250). It is said that the temple took 12 long years for its completion and around 1200 workers worked day and night staying away from their families to complete it.

Amongst all the mysteries associated with the Sun temple of Konark (click here to read detail the mystery of konark temple part1, the mystery of konark temple contd.. part2) King Narsimhadeva I had given a deadline for its completion to its Chief Architect Bishu Maharana. Everything was completed in time except for the crown stone Dadhinauti. The crown stone was an around 52 ton weighing lodestone. Every time they tried to place it it used to fall down. The King had given warning to him that if the temple would not be completed withing the stipulated time all the 1200 workers will be beheaded.

Deeply disturbed Bishu Maharana was thinking how to complete this task just a day before the deadline is going to end when he saw a boy coming to him. The name of that 12 year old boy was Dharmpada. The boy told him that he was his son whom he did not knew because of staying away from his family for construction of the grand temple. He told Dharmapada about his problem.

When everyone woke up in the morning they saw that the crown stone had been installed by Dharmpada. Everyone was happy but suddenly they all got worried how the King would react when he gets to know that a 12 year old boy did what 1200 experienced workers were unable to do. They were terrified of king Narsimhadeva ‘s anger and thought he will kill all the workers.

Look at the worries of the workers Dharmapada jumped in the Chandrabhaga river from the top of the temple and died. It is believed that Dharmpada was an avtar of Surya dev (Sun God) who came to break the ego of king Narsimhadeva.

Earlier it was believed that the suicide of Dharmpada made this temple unholy and Sun God was never worshipped here but it was later it was found that the temple was an active place of worship.

Even after knowing the legend of Dharmpada it is still unknown how the 52 ton weighing lodestone was placed on the crown of this ancient temple.