By September 1942 Germans had reached Stalingrad and had started assault in the inner part of the city and by 13th they were about to capture vital banks of Volga,the banks that were very essential for the Soviets to maintain there resistance as these banks was used for supply line upon realising the seriousness of the situation and to secure the banks that were used to maintain supply.Commander of the 62nd army chuikov understood this very well.

Aleksandr Rodimtsev

So,chuikov called in Aleksandr Rodimtsev of 13th guard rifle division and asked him to cross Volga to reinforce the Soviet resistance and to halt the German progress and it was to be done in daylight. Crossing Volga at that period of war was considered dengerous even at night hours & in day hours it was suicidal.

Out of every 100 Soviet troops that tried to cross Volga only 10 reached the opposite bank. German aircrafts unleased a hailstorm upon crossing army with aircraft mounted machine guns and aireal bombardment.

Still the Soviets were determined and transported thousands of men across volgawith innumerable casualties and by evening banks were secured by the soviets.