Recently Australian government has proposed to pass a law that would make Google and Facebook to negotiate payments with local publishers and broadcasters for content. The media code further have a clause that if they can’t strike a deal a government appointed arbitrator will decide the price.

Tech giant google seems unhappy with this law and announced on Friday that it will disable google search in Australia if the government proceeds with this media code as it would force Google and Facebook to pay local media companies for sharing their content. The managing director for Australia and New Zealand, Mel Silva said to a senate commitee that the arbitration model of the code has biased criteria and it presents unmanageable financial and operational risks for Google. If this law comes into force we have no other option but to stop the availability of Google Search in Australia.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said “We don’t respond to threat” when asked about Google’s warning. Peter Lewis, director of Australia Institute’s center for responsible Technology, has said “Google’s testimony is a part of a pattern of threatening behavior that is chilling for anyone who values our democracy“.

Government of United States of America also asked Australia to scrap this law.