Great Wars & Battles

The house that could not be destroyed: Pavlov’s house.

During the German mayhem of Stalingrad there was a four storey building which miraculously survived initial German heavy ariel was situated at a pivotal location at the banks of river Volga overlooking 9th January square and giving a clear sight of approx 1 km toward north,south,west as the house was placed at the crossing.

In September 1942 after heavy fighting the house was taken over by a small group of Soviet soldiers commanded by  sergeant yakov pavlov.Immedaitly after the siege house was  quickly fortified.Machine guns were placed at all windows and an anti tank gun was position at top of the building.

After this followed subsequent countless German attacks to take over the building.

But Pavlov’s men stood there ground and effectively repulsed all German attack. The Anti tank gun positioned  at the top of the building was very effective as the German tanks were unable to elevate their guns and became easy prey.Artilery support from opposite bank was also very effective to guard the building.Further Pavlov and his men took order no 227 to their heart and further fortified the area with barbed wire and land mines. Germans had marked the house as fortress in their map and were also determined to take over the building as it’s location was vital.They launched  more vicious assaults.All forms of attack was used ariel, artillery,tanks,infantry every thing that they got but still Pavlov’s men effectively repulsed all attack’s and we’re able to hold on.

Finally after two months of bitter fighting the house was liberated by Soviets and it is famously said by a Soviet top general that the no of Germans died attacking Pavlov’s house is higher than the nos died capturing the whole of France.

Present day Pavlov’s house.

After the war the house was rebuilded as an war memorial and the bricks of the old house were used as claddings as a symbol of Soviet victory.

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