Hurun released its list of 500 most valuable not state controlled companies across the globe on Tuesday. The ranking which is released in association with Chinese luxury tea branch Empereur is based on value. For listed companies it is based on market capitalization & for non listed companies on valuation. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic Hurun global 500 rose by 25 percent. 60 companies amongst the list have doubled in terms of their value with 25 being from the US and 21 from China. The total value of Hurun 500 is equivalent to the combined GDPs of world’s six largest economies viz. the US, China, Japan, Germany, India & the UK, i.e. $50 trillion.

The top 10 Players

The US accounted for nearly half of the list with 242 companies followed by China with 51 companies & Japan with 30 companies. From valuation gains perspective China leads with a 73 percent increase by its top companies during the despite being hit by the Pandemic in the very start. The top companies form the list are:

  1. Apple (USD 2.1 trillion)
  2. Microsoft and Amazon (USD 1.6 trillion)
  3. Alphabet (USD 1.2 trillion)

followed by Facebook, Tencent Holdings, Alibaba, Berkshire Hathway, Tesla and Visa.

Indian companies amongst the list:

India’s richest man Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Industries leads among Indian Enterprises with a valuation of USD 168.8 billion and ranks 54 globally. It is followed by Tata Consultancy Services with valuation USD 139 billion & ranking 73rd globally. the other companies being HDFC Bank, Hindustan Lever, Infosys, HDFC ltd, Kotak Mahindra Bank, ICICI Bank, ITC,

With 11 Indian companies in the Hurun 500 list India ranked 10th in the list as per report. The total value of these 11 companies grew 14 percent to approximately 805 billion or nearly one third of the GDP of India. As per the report the local stock market grew 12 percent despite being hit by the Pandemic which explains the rise in their valuations.

What is Hurun Report

Hurun Report is a private company that produces research and reports best known for Hurun Rich List. It is owned by Rupert Hoogewerf, also known by his Chinese name Hu Run who is widely regarded as an influential opinion former in china.